21 SepHelp Us to Distribute!

Help Us to Distribute!

Every Thursday we meet at 8.30pm in front of the AMPM in Barrio de la California to give out food, drink and clothes to those who need it on the streets of San José. If you would like to come with us, just let us know!  Firstly thank you for volunteering to make...
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21 SepAyúdanos a repartir!

Ayúdanos a repartir!

Nos reunimos cada jueves enfrente del AMPM del Barrio de la California a las 8.30pm para repartir comida, fresco y ropa a los que lo necesitan en las calles de San José. Si quiere venir, nada más que avisarnos! Primero queremos decirles gracias por tomar su tiempo para hacer voluntariado con nosotros, haciendo...
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31 AugHelp us to distribute!

Help us to distribute!

Every Thursday we meet at 8.30pm in front of the AMPM in Barrio de la California to give out food, drink and clothes to those who need it on the streets of San José. If you would like to come with us, just let us know!
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Meals Served

These are the number of meals delivered to the youth we find in the streets. We also feed any homeless adult who is hungry, as supplies allow.

Children Encountered

We are currently walking the streets a couple of nights per week to connect with as many underage kids as we can find.

Children Sheltered

Please help us create a safe and loving place for these children to heal and grow up.


Please consider helping us financially to make this vision a reality. Whether you’re looking to make a one-time donation, or in helping us with a set monthly donation, we are very appreciative! Very shortly we’ll be able to receive donations online.



Aunque la ayuda financiera es lo más importante en este momento, sin duda podemos utilizar su ayuda de muchas otras maneras! Siempre podemos necesitar personas para ayudar desde casa con tareas administrativas, para venir en persona por unos días para ayudar a entregar comida y ropa, para ayudar con los esfuerzos de recaudación...

Get involved!

Though financial assistance is what is most crucial at this point, we can certainly use your help in many other ways! We can always use people to help from home with administrative tasks; to come in person for a few days to help deliver food and clothes; to help with fundraising efforts; to...


La siguiente lista refleja los principios que guían nuestro trabajo con los niños, y cómo nosotros, como organización, nos comportamos. ​​El bienestar de nuestros niños es nuestra máxima prioridad La naturaleza del Universo y nuestro estado humano natural es el Amor Toda la vida es para Aprender y Amar Un “asunto no resuelto”...

Healing Through Spiritual Psychology

The following list reflects the principles which guide both our work with the children, and how we as an organization conduct ourselves. ​​The welfare of our children is our utmost priority The nature of the Universe and our natural human state is Love All of life is for Learning and Loving An ‘unresolved...

New Safe House!

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Drop-In Center

About Casa Milagro

Restoring Wholeness to Sexually Exploited Children

Casa Milagro Foundation is a nonprofit agency which exists to love, heal & empower children in Costa Rica who are at risk of, or who have been rescued from, human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. 

The majority of the children we work with have been sold into prostitution by their own families. We have thousands of such victims here. They have been severely abused physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Casa Milagro is currently delivering food and clothes to some of our thousands of homeless children, while concurrently working toward building a safe house and a drop-in center. The organization’s model of care is based on a holistic approach, focusing simultaneously on the areas of Personal Development, Education, Health and Community.

We hold in our hearts the vision of a world free of sexual exploitation, where children are nurtured, inspired and loved.


In the absence of family, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the community to provide for the needs of these children. We will do whatever it takes to help them heal and thrive. Please consider joining our community!


Most of these children have never been to school at all. A well rounded education is necessary in order for these children to find jobs and to succeed as adults. Casa Milagro will ensure these children get the best education possible.


After such severe trauma, these children need not only professional therapy to heal past wounds, but also the life skills necessary to deal with future challenges.


Essential to the well being of our children is their health. Our model of care includes a holistic approach to health, which includes mental, emotional and physical health.