Casa Milagro Foundation is a nonprofit charity which exists to provide compassionate and holistic care to children in Costa Rica who are at risk of, or who have been rescued from, human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. 

The majority of the children we work with have been sold into prostitution by their own families. We have thousands of such victims here. They have been severely abused physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Since 2015, Casa Milagro has been delivering food, clothes, blankets and toiletries to some of our thousands of homeless children, while concurrently working toward building a safe house for boys. 

In early 2017 Casa Milagro opened a drop-in center where these children receive another level of care. Here the youth are able to take a hot shower, receive professional therapy and legal assistance, mentorship and education, as well as being connected to detox, reahab, and other important services and technical training.

The organization’s model of care is based on a holistic approach, focusing simultaneously on the areas of Personal Development, Education, Health and Community.

We hold in our hearts the vision of a world free of sexual exploitation, where children are nurtured, inspired and loved.

Scott Pralinsky
Founder/Executive Director