In 2013 an arrest of a head of nephrology from one of the most recognised hospitals in Costa Rica led to a shocking revelation of an international organ trafficking operation running in Costa Rica. Since then, three more doctors have been arrested in connection with this case and twenty-five witnesses have agreed to testify in the upcoming court trial scheduled for September 11.

The doctors are being accused of involvement in harvesting organs from less-off people and selling them on the international black market for human organs. Further investigations into the case have uncovered the following information:

  • Identified 14 individuals who have been paid large amounts of money (5.000 to 18.000 dollars) for an organ.
  • Most cases involved kidneys transplants.
  • Most transplants were performed in State facilities run by the Costa Rican Social Security Agency.
  • A number of individuals have experienced some sort of health problems after selling one of their vital organs.
  • Majority of beneficiaries are Israeli citizens who come to Costa Rica to undergo the transplant operations.
  • A Greek business man has also been arrested in relation to the case for aiding to recruit low-income individuals.

What do the prosecutors know about the leader of the operation?

  • Used his contacts to locate foreign clients in need of a transplant.
  • Manipulated low-income people to sell their organs.
  • Co-ordinated the extractions and subsequent transplant surgeries.
  • Has been released on bail after paying 100 million colones.

As the prosecutors prepare their last notes for the trial, the public’s speculations begins to grow after 4 years of waiting but although the trial is scheduled to start within just a few weeks, it is expected to take between 2-3 months to be concluded.



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