There are thousands of young children living on the streets in San Jose. Some as young as 6 years old. Many work as prostitutes in order to earn enough money to buy food. Others scrounge through trash bags to find scraps of food to eat. There is not one single place that exists in the city for those under 18 years old to go to get a decent meal, to shower, to get clothes and toiletries, or to rest on a day cot. 

Donated: $839 of $25000

We at Casa Milagro are responding to this great need by opening up a drop-in center where we can provide these children with a hot meal, clothes, showers, and toiletries. In this center, we will be able to connect them to resources such as orphanages, foster homes, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, educational programs and technical training. More importantly we can provide them a chance to receive therapy and a place where they can feel that their lives matter and that someone cares about them. 

Your donation will go a long way in meeting these children’s basic and essential needs!