Human trafficking is one of the dark sides of globalization! And because it is a problem mostly caused by globalization, globalization scholars most often undermine the power of national sovereignty. This leads to apparent neglect the impact that national policies crafted at the domestic level can still exert on problems of globalization. Based on this, a research analysing to what extent the legal status of prostitution affects the incidence of human trafficking.

Statistics reveal that the majority of the victims of human trafficking are women and girls and that the majority at some point end up being sexually exploited by the form of prostitution. Therefore, there is a growing number of scholars that believe that human trafficking is caused by prostitution and fighting prostitution with the power of law would decrease both problems. According to Hughes, evidence demonstrates that legalized sex industries actually result in increased trafficking to meet demand. In other words, as the demand grows due to legality, the supply will need to respectively grow to meet the demand; increasing the urgent need for more girls and women. Of course, this leads to a dilemma! On one side of the spectrum we have politicians fighting for the right of sex workers and believe that by legalizing prostitution one is in fact improving their safety and working conditions. And then, you have the politicians totally against prostitution who believe it is dehumanizing and an incentive to human trafficking.

So, how does one solve this dilemma?