Marlon“Marlon’s” Story

Marlon relates his life story: “Since I was 6 years old until about 10 years old, my sister and I were sexually exploited by my mother. She beat us, made us starve and forced us to buy cigarettes and booze for her and my dad. We were poor and there wasn’t always food.”

Marlon also explains that his mom is a prostitute and used to also let his younger sister have sex with older men in exchange for money, and that his own grandfather used to sexually abuse him. Neither Marlon nor his sister were ever able to go to school because their parents did not care about them studying.

His father often beat his mother and used drugs. One day his father hit his mother so badly that she fell unconscious. Marlon responded by hitting his father. At that point – at age 10 –  his parents kicked him out of the house. He says, “My mom chose my dad over me, and I was alone on the streets eating garbage out of dumpsters.” Marlon spent several months living in the streets and waiting for McDonald’s restaurants to close, so he could dig for food that was thrown away.

One day Marlon had the opportunity to meet a man who would become his mentor. This gentleman let him stay in his house, gave him food, and helped him begin his studies. But after a few years, when he was a teenager, this man whom Marlon trusted, began to sexually molest him. He then fled the house and went in search of his sister and was successful in getting her out of their parents’ house.

Marlon says this is how he and his sister began their life together as homeless kids on the street. Marlon began having sex with men in exchange for money, food or anything that they would give him. He used this money to buy food and to help his sister. Eventually they were able to rent a small apartment.

Right now Marlon is 22 years old. He wants desperately to leave “that life” and stop prostituting himself out. But he says nobody will give him a job because he has no education and no work experience. All he sees himself being able to do is to continue having sex to pay the bills.

Marlon used to say he believes in God but does not believe in love because he never received it. Recently he met a transgender woman who has shown her affection and supported him in his worst moments. They currently live together in the apartment with Marlon’s sister.

Marlon would love some help figuring out how to finish his elementary and high school work, and would also love some help finding proper employment. These are the exact things we want to help Marlon – and others – with in our new drop in center. If you feel so moved, please make a donation today!