Last night, as we do every Thursday, volunteers headed out onto the streets of San Jose to offer assistance to those who were in need of food, drink, clothing, or just somebody to talk to. We encountered 23 people in total: three young people between the ages of 18-23, one 24-29 year old, and nineteen people over the age of 30.

Among those was a young girl named Elisa who we found wandering the street alone, but was grateful to have someone to talk to following a horrific ordeal. She recounted how she had been kidnapped that day, almost killed, but had luckily managed to escape and now found herself alone on the street. Her hands still trembled from the sheer shock of such as terrible experience. Thankfully, she had found a friend in another young homeless person that we have spoken with on several occasions who would help her so she isn’t completely alone.

If you would like to join us next Thursday please do get in touch! Everyone is welcome.