This past Thursday we were a group of eleven volunteers and welcomed two more Ticos into our group. We are really happy to see the number of locals increasing in our program! We started off at the usual place Bairro California and walked around the city skipping the Red District zone to avoid any ethical problems. We offered noodle soups and arroz con papas provided by Gabriela S., delicious Nutella sandwiches made by our volunteer Anabel and the usual that Casa Milagro provides. We were especially happy last Thursday for having the company of a nurse who was of much help to the youth that had been in fights and had cuts! In total we helped 34 people which one were between 11-17 years old, eleven between 18-23 years old, eleven between 24 to 29 years old and ten who were 30+ years old.

If you would like to join us this coming Thursday, you can find more information here.