We are happy to announce that our Thursday night volunteers are growing and that we had a large group with us last week who were full of energy and ready to help. We started off at the usual place and just there we were able to help around fifteen people. Overall, we fed thirty-five people, and believe that due to the fact that there was many police officers on duty that many people especially children were on the hide out. Out of the thirty-five people two were under 18, eleven youth between the ages of 18-23, eight people between 24-29, and fourteen over the age of 30.  One of the highlights of the night was the spinach soup!! The individuals we helped really appreciated eating a warm meal. We also had many arroz con pollo and gallo pintos to give! All in all, it was a good night out!

If you would like to join us this Thursday, our Facebook event with all the details can be found here.